What's on Tap?

We have 17 rotating taps all filled with indie brews. Some new. Some old. All dang tasty! We keep a nice balanced tap list (outside of events!), so you can always enjoy the whole beery rainbow.

Taps 1 and 2 are our house pale and lager. These change up every three months or so. The remaining taps are usually just one keg at a time. Taps 3 and 4 have more easy drinking, usually European (or European-inspired). Taps for to 9 are always of the hoppy variety - IPAs, New England IPAs, Hazy, black, blue and red IPAs. If there's hops they are there. Taps, 10, 11 and 12 are for you malt monsters. Always dark and toasty. The remaining taps are filled with sour and funk.